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Since 2006, our firm has handled hundreds of labor certifications and immigrant petitions for Nannies with a 100% success rate. Our clients range from American citizens seeking to bring a nanny from another country to the United States to foreign nationals and au pairs who have met their employers in the United States and want to adjust their status. We are intimately familiar with USCIS’s requirements for these immigration categories as evidenced by our perfect approval success rate and can guide you through the process. Please use the form on this page to send us details about your Nanny Green Card immigration case.

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To obtain a green card for a Nanny, there must be a bonafide job offer and the ability to pay the salary determined by the Department of Labor. Our firm will help in demonstrating that the position meets all requisite requirements for the labor certification and that the employer qualifies as a sponsor. We also assist with the immigrant visa petition upon certification of the PERM as well as adjustment of status or consular process of the immigrant visa.

Navigating The Immigration Requirements for Obtaining Your Green Card as a Nanny

Green Cards for Nannies fall under the employment-based categories, and require that a labor certification be filed with the Department of Labor to certify that the job offer is bonafide, that the nanny meets the requisite requirements for the position after a good faith effort was made to recruit eligible U.S. employees Upon certification of the PERM, the next step is to file an I-140 immigrant petition where it must be demonstrated that the individuals meets the requirements set forth in the PERM, and that the employer has the ability to pay the green card salary. Upon approval of the immigrant petition, if the prospective nanny is in the United States and entered legally, they may file an adjustment of status. If the nanny is abroad, or has not maintained their status, the immigrant visa may be applied for at the consulate in their home country, and once issued, they may enter as a permanent resident.

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