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USCIS announced that it is implementing the registration process for employers seeking to file H-1B cap-subject petitions, including those eligible for the advanced-degree exemption, for FY2021. Such employers must first electronically register and pay the associated $10 H-1B registration fee before filing a petition for H-1B visa status for a beneficiary.  The registration period begins on March 1, 2020 and ends March 20, 2020. Those selected will have 90 days to submit their H-1B Petitions.  Under current law, there is an annual limit of 65,000 foreign nationals who may be issued a visa or otherwise provided H-1B status with up to 20,000 additional H-1B slots available to graduates of U.S. master’s degree or higher programs.  If approved, the visa (or H-1B status) would become available on October 1, 2020.

Navigating The Confusing Employment Requirements For Obtaining Your H-1B Visa

The H-1B is a non-immigrant visa category that permits foreign nationals to work in the U.S. in a specialty occupation for a maximum period of 6 years. A specialty occupation pertains to a job that requires the “theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge” in fields like chemistry, architecture, mathematics, physical and social sciences, the arts, and more. Generally, a Bachelor’s Degree or higher is required, at a minimum, for entry into a specialty occupation in the U.S. If your degree is from a foreign institution, it will need to be evaluated to be determine whether it is equivalent to a degree attained in the U.S. for H-1B purposes.   Experience gained can often be used as well in making degree equivalency determinations.

Our experienced team can assists employers in drafting detailed job duties that rise to the level of specialty occupation.

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Since 2006, our firm has handled hundreds of H-1B cases with over 99% success rate. Our clients range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. We are intimately familiar with USCIS’s requirements for this visa category as evidenced by our impressive approval rating and will work with companies to put together the strongest application package possible. We have also assisted numerous companies overcome cumbersome RFEs and obtain approvals. Please use the contact form below to send us details about the H-1B position and to schedule your consultation.  Our paid H-1B consultation fee and lottery submission charge is $300.  We then credit this amount to your H-1B legal fee if your case is selected.

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Ursula and her team helped us process our Employment-Based Green Card from beginning till the end.

Their work is impeccable. They will make sure the documents are in right order. Constantly go back and forth to make sure the filing is correct. And once done, they...
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Ursula and her staff were excellent in assisting me with the employment based green card process. Highly recommend! - Alex B. - 8/08/2022 

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Ursula and her team did the impossible for us. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Hard work and dedication for 2 and half years that paid off. Honest, fair and responsible. We’ll forever be grateful. - Rania N. - 1/21/2022 

I applied for a Marriage-Based Green Card with Law Offices of Ursula Trimming, Esq. and it was a great experience. They were very attentive and helpful and solved all the issues I had with my application. Highly recommend! - Albert S. - 12/23/2021 

Ursula and her team are extremely accurate and responsive, they will go above and beyond for their clients. Highly recommended! - Adrien L. - 12/21/2021 

We had a great experience with Ursula and her team for a Marriage-Based Green Card application. The whole process took a bit more than a year, they remained on top of everything the whole time and they were able to address all of our concerns... read more - Vincent S. - 12/19/2021 

Ursula and her team are amazing. She helped me apply for the Naturalization. She made the process a lot easier for me. She and her team provided all the information I needed, responded to my questions promptly, and helped me fully prepare for the interview.... read more - Rosalie W. - 8/06/2021 

I have worked with Ursula many times for all my immigration needs(I-129, I-140 and DS-160) for past 10 years. She is super knowledgeable and really quick in replying back. I highly recommend her services. - Amit P. - 5/10/2021 

Ursula Trimming and her team are to thank for my husband and I being able to share our life together.
She provided us with detailed instructions for all of our paperwork, and she or her team were quick to answer any
questions we ever had. She got...
read more - Caeri R. - 1/12/2021 


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